Acupuncture for Better Sleep: Learn simple tools to give yourself a better night sleep!

Tracy Rupp Hockmeyer, Ph.D., M.Ac., L.Ac

Sunday, January 17, 2016: 4:00- 6:00pm

Does a great night’s sleep seem like a dream? Join us for a workshop on how you can implement tools from Chinese medicine and sleep science to give yourself a better night sleep starting that night! The workshop is targeted to individuals with sleep complaints, particularly insomnia, and to those who want to better understand ways to improve their sleep. Dr. Tracy Rupp Hockmeyer, Ph.D. will lead the workshop and bring her combined expertise from the fields of sleep science and Chinese medicine. Dr. Hockmeyer has worked in academic research for 15 years, including training from Brown University and Walter Reed Medical Center, and is a licensed acupuncturist. She will bring the combination of sleep science knowledge and Chinese medicine in order for you to have the most effective approach to getting better sleep. Dr. Hockmeyer will review current research evidence about sleep and acupuncture and review sleep from a Chinese medicine perspective, including specific suggestions and at-homes tools for optimizing sleep including use of essential oils and acupressure. You will also receive auricular acupuncture at the workshop for better sleep that night!

Cost: $5 donation to Evergreen

Please reserve your spot by January 15, 2016

For more information: OR 301-873-0531