History of Evergreen

Evergreen was founded as Psyche’s Well in 1993 by Sarah Sadler, a psychotherapist and consultant, who wished to help people develop their human capacities. Mrs. Sadler was a former student of Dr. Jean Houston, an eminent psychologist, scholar and researcher in the human potential movement. Her training led her to recognize that we have human capacities that remain untapped. Much of our lives (our jobs, schools, social and medical institutions, and the way we relate to the environment) are so compartmentalized that we divide ourselves into parts that appear unrelated.

It is necessary, she believed, to respect and develop the whole person, — one’s creative, emotional, and intuitive capacities. Further, it is important to support the growth of mind and body as interrelated. This approach, she felt, would foster not only creative, innovative solutions to critical issues in our personal lives, but would spread into our communities.

As a child, Mrs. Sadler observed her mother’s attempts to find a cure for her asthmatic brother through traditional medical care. When her brother’s asthma persisted, her mother looked beyond allopathic medicine. She watched her brother become free of asthmatic symptoms with enhanced nutrition and supplements. This early experience taught her to explore beyond prevailing cultural boundaries.

In her adult life, she traveled and observed how other cultures approached health and illness. She questioned what was not taught in our schools. We want to do more, she thought, than to simply maintain our bodies, minds, and communities. Why not be open enough to look for the optimum possibilities for health and wellness? The questions, she believed, could best be explored holistically — from the perspective of the whole person in which body/mind/spirit are considered to be interrelated.

In 1993, Mrs. Sadler conceived the idea for a local, proactive, experiential learning center for men and women, which would foster the growth and development of its members. The members, in turn, would learn to function more creatively and resourcefully in their larger communities.

In September 1993, Psyche’s Well was launched as the first holistic learning center on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in a rental townhouse on Bay Street in Easton. By September 1995, Psyche’s Well had become a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation with its first Board of Directors. Although it was able to offer more activities, it still functioned almost entirely with volunteer help. By 1997, the Center had begun to outgrow its space. In 1997, the Board of Directors purchased the current four acre waterfront property and the organization moved to Port Street in May of 1999. The many stunningly beautiful evergreens on the property provided a new name for the organization — Evergreen.