Recognition Tree

The Evergreen Tree of Recognition…
Firmly Rooted in Love and Commitment…
Sending Energy to the Stars

If you choose to purchase a plaque there are several ways to make a payment; mail your check to Evergreen, 770 Port St., Easton, MD 21601;  Click here to log in to our secure online registration and payment system; or call the office to work out a payment plan 410.819.3395.

On the island of Crete, when giving a gift, one touches one’s own heart then that of the recipient and says “from my heart to your heart.” The recipient says thank you by touching his or her own heart then that of the giver and saying “I accept with thanks — from my heart to yours.”
For twenty years now (yes, 20 years – can you believe it?), Evergreen has offered its gifts of growth, healing, and magic to the mid-shore community with the message “from my heart to your heart.”

And, for those same twenty years, that community has accepted Evergreen’s gifts and said in return “We accept your gifts and we shall support your efforts with our labor and with our financial support. These come “from our heart to yours – with gratitude for what you do.”
Together, Evergreen and its supporters have built and nurtured not only a magical place, but magical programs and practices led by an incredibly talented group of teachers and practitioners. In our desire to move forward and continue our wonderful journey together, for those who so desire, there will be an opportunity to help us “grow our tree.”

You all know the Tree of Recognition that is on the wall as you enter the Sadler building. Well, there are still some empty spaces on that tree and we are proposing those spaces be filled for a contribution of $500 each for a dark green plaque with brass writing and $1,000 each for a light green plaque. In the tradition of unity you can share this plaque with a friend and can also be given in the name of someone else or inscribed with any words of wisdom that fit. It’s your plaque and your wording! Plus to make things easier, we are proposing that payment can be made either in one lump sum or spread out over five months.

From “our hearts to your hearts” we hope that you choose to support us by purchasing a plaque on the Tree of Recognition – from your hearts to ours.

We look forward to being together for many more years to come.