Henry H. Sloan

Bonnie Prudden Certified Master Myotherapist and Exercise Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist in Maryland

Henry SloanHenry Sloan has 1400 hours of original training under Bonnie Prudden. He is one of only two Bonnie Prudden Certified Myotherapists practicing in Maryland, originated by world renowned fitness and pain visionary Bonnie Prudden in the mid-1970s. This technique involves holding pressure on sensitive trigger points along anatomic lines to relieve muscle spasm and pain. Corrective exercises are given. This practice is among the most profound modalities for removing pain and restoring mobility in the world.

For further information or to set up an appointment, please contact Henry:
by e-mail:  henryhsloan@comcast.net, or by phone: 410-271-5041

For more information on Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy please visit: BonniePruddenMyotherapy.com