Anna Maria  Pyper-Keeney


My name is Anna Maria  Pyper-Keeney and I have lived in Talbot County

my entire life. I love this area and am dedicated to helping others in

the community. Recently,I received my certification for Process Acupressure

Practitioner,as well as a Ministry license.

I have discovered that acupressure is my calling and I am dedicated,heart and

soul,to sharing my practice in the healing arts. For anyone that may not be

familiar with the process of acupressure,I would like to share how it works.

Acupressure uses precise finger placement and mild pressure over specific

points along the body to release blocked energy. It is an ancient practice,

similar to acupuncture,except clients remain fully clothed and needles are not

used in the process. I also introduce breathing,meditation and visualization

techniques so that clients may assist themselves in their own healing process.


Clients report to me feeling that they have reduced stress,anxiety and

physical pain with renewed energy,renewed sense of well-being and increased

hope and motivation to grow spiritually and emotionally. Sessions usually

last an hour.

Special Offering! Purchase one session in the month of January and get a second session 50% off.

The hourly fee is $70.00. Clients can call 410-924-2593 to schedule appointments.

Anna Maria is offering Self Help Acupressure for Bereavement on February 22.