Tabitha Groce

Reiki Master/Teacher


“My earliest childhood memories include the healing nature of loving touch. Over the years, my belief in the healing power of love and loving touch continued to grow. When I was introduced to Reiki, I knew I needed to learn, experience, and understand more because of the way it made me feel. My first session ended with a surge of positive energy through my body; I felt relaxed, recharged, inspired, and awakened in many ways. This early experience has grown into a passion for bringing this healing force to others.” Tabitha Groce


Reiki (translated as Universal Life Force Energy) is often described as love energy because of its gentle, healing nature. Reiki promotes general health and well-being by restoring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is beneficial for all – men, women, seniors, children, and animals. Reiki sessions include:

Physical benefits

  • Stress reduction and relaxation – promoting a positive internal healing environment and allowing the immune system to work more efficiently
  • Deeper sleep – improving the natural rejuvenation and restoration system within our bodies, resulting in increased energy levels
  • Improved heart rate and blood pressure
  • Support for substance abuse recovery
  • Improved weight loss efforts
  • Relief of difficult-to-treat chronic pain
  • Some hospitals now have Integrative Medicine departments that include Reiki sessions as a complementary therapy to traditional medical treatments because Reiki has been proven to assist in the healing process. Studies have shown that:
    • Preoperative Reiki treatments help to reduce pain and anxiety associated with surgical procedures
    • The relaxed state brought about during a Reiki session increases blood flow to treated areas and aides in the physical healing process reducing recovery times from surgical procedures
    • Reiki helps reduce the side-effects of long-term illness treatments such as Chemotherapy
    • Reiki sessions help soothe digestion

Mental benefits

  • Mental balance – enhances memory, mental clarity, and learning as well as helps to alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration, and anger
  • Reduced anxiety and relief from depression – by balancing emotions and reactions and generally improving the ability to better cope with the everyday stresses of life
  • Release of deep-seated emotional blockages
  • Receiving Reiki during the grieving process provides an environment for healthy emotional release while blanketed with healing, loving Reiki energy

Emotional benefits

  • Restoration of emotional balance helping to bring about feelings of wholeness, kindness, compassion, peace, harmony, and love enhancing relationships and allowing for deeper connections
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved spiritual connection
  • Heightened self-awareness and improved intuition

Tabitha provides Reiki treatments benefiting mind, body, and spirit specializing in sessions focusing on Healing Past Traumas and Inner Child Work as well as helping others reconnect to their Spiritual Nature through the use of chakra readings and essential oils in conjunction with her Reiki sessions. This focus assists clients in releasing deep-seated issues and in finding freedom from what may be causing unwanted pain or otherwise holding them back in various areas of their lives.

Providing Reiki sessions through spiritual retreats for the past several years has allowed Tabitha to assist others on their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing journey while promoting a sense of relaxation, peace, security, balance, and well-being.

Tabitha is thrilled to be the newest addition to our family of practitioners who bring love and healing to our community.

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“I had never experienced Reiki before my first session with Tabitha.  I came to our meeting somewhat skeptical but left very relaxed and with a new respect for this healing modality.  Our sessions are focused upon my immediate concerns as well as an initial chakra reading.  I always leave feeling lighter and calmer.  The resulting stress reduction and gift of a good night sleep lasts for days after the treatment.  Tabitha is intuitive and truly has a gift for healing.”   Ann K. 


“I have arthritis in my knees. Reiki helped a great deal with my discomfort. After our session, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. In another session, I had a wonderful vision along with feelings of completeness as a woman and a desire to explore my more artistic side. I was awakened spiritually. I highly recommend Reiki to anyone with an open mind and willing spirit. And I will definitely visit Tabitha again for the experience.” Heidi Logan


“Tabitha is good at what she does. She is very soothing and good at explaining what she is doing. She makes me feel comfortable. Not only is she compassionate, she is knowledgeable about Reiki and genuinely wants me to be happy and healthy. She’s a great friend and I wish her the very best in her Reiki business!” Liz Zarate, Bowie, MD


“I had a Reiki treatment from Tabitha shortly after I came out of rehab.  I had just had a Reiki session with another healer a couple of weeks earlier.  When she did my initial reading she found that I had very little negative energy.   I felt completely relaxed and calm after my session.  I would highly recommend Tabitha to anyone wanted to feel more balanced and peaceful.” AG, Potomac, MD


“My first experience with Reiki was with Tabitha. Going into it, I had no idea what to expect. She immediately made me feel right at ease and explained everything she was going to do. Her touch is wonderful and her voice very soothing. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and look forward to seeing her again! I walked in a bundle of nerves, and walked out very relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend her!” Stacey T., Annapolis, MD


“I had the opportunity to meet and receive a session of Reiki for the very first time from Tabitha in June this year 2015. Wow what an eye opener to a whole new form of release to stress, worries, and the connection to my wellbeing. It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to all. What I got out of it was a peaceful healing process. In the session, holds were done with my chakras. It was so powerful because her hands hovered over the area and I honestly felt a release and the energy from her to me. I was willing and open minded to let what needed to take place happen. I learned so much that day. It is something that I strongly recommend. Healing of hands & of energy is beautiful and a must do. Namaste!” Sonya Davis, Registered Massage Therapist.