An Afternoon with Spiritual Channel Selena Migeot

Sunday March 17, 2019   12 – 2:30pm

Cost: $35 (Members: $25)

Selena is a Spiritual Channel and since 2010, has been channeling what she calls “The Collective of Guides” which is a large group of Spiritual Masters who are in service to us to help us evolve, expand our hearts and minds, and grow spiritually in universal love through raising awareness and consciousness. In addition, Selena’s primary guide is Venus – Goddess of Love and Beauty through whom she has learned a tremendous amount about love, relationships, forgiveness, detachment, and so much more.
The format of the afternoon will be: a short intro about Selena and her channeling journey, followed by a longer group channel, then Q and A. The Guides channelled may elaborate on certain questions based on those gathered and their need, desires, or curiosities about any subject. Selena will answer as many questions as possible. In addition, each person will receive an individual message from the Guides before we close.