Bones for Life – Cancelled

Instructor: Nancy Knowles

Wednesday, May 6 – June 10 – Cancelled

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

6 classes Member: $85  Non-member: $95

Are you looking for improved vitality, better posture, stronger bones, pain-free exercise or freedom from back/joint problems? Bones for Life® is an effective, results-oriented method for achieving better balance and flexibility for daily life activities. Originally conceived as an approach to osteoporosis prevention, Bones For Life® was soon recognized as something more, effecting positive changes on multiple levels.

The program is designed to promote bone health and skeletal strength through optimal alignment, anti-gravity challenges, weight-bearing activities and the efficient transmission of forces through the arms, legs, trunk, and pelvis. During the verbally-guided lessons, the major emphasis is placed on creating proper alignment and dynamic posture, with added emphasis given to smooth, fluid transitions from one position to another – such as from lying to sitting to standing and walking. In addition, minor aches and pains are eliminated, and participants have reclaimed ease and freedom of movement.

NANCY KNOWLES is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Certified Bones for Life® teacher/trainer.  For additional information, visit Bones for Life®