Connecting with Sacred Waters of the Chesapeake, North America, and Earth

Saturday, October 6, 2018    6 – 9pm

You are invited to join us at the Evergreen Wellness Center in Easton, MD, for an exploration of the sacred waters that sustain us. We will meet, discuss, and invoke numerous water bodies while we watch a slide show, and then we will shamanically journey to engage with the sacred waters. We will discuss ways to work with water for healing and transformation, and then we will communicate with our water allies during the shamanic journey.
Adam Davis has been facilitating nature awareness and connection workshops of the “Connecting with the Land Workshop Series” since 1998. He has significant training and experience in deep ecology, natural science, meditative and shamanic techniques, environmental protection and conservation, and facilitation of many kinds of classes and ceremonies. He is committed to providing nature experiences that are helpful to people of diverse backgrounds and walks of life. For more information about Adam as well as descriptions of the varieties of workshops in the Connecting with the Land series, go to or check out Adam’s book “Connecting with the Land: Nature Relationships in Multiple Dimensions” (available at and through Amazon).