Strength and flexibility for your mind, body, and career.

2 hour workshop 7-9:30pm, Wednesday June 13, 2018   Investment: $35

Learn to connect with people, ideas, and your body to make you a stronger leader.

  • How to make it easy for people to say “yes.”
  • How to inspire cooperation.
  • How to stay balanced so you can function at your best.

No previous experience with yoga is required.  In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means “union”.  In the West we’ve come to think of yoga as just the physical postures.  Exercise.  But it is much more than that.  In the simplest form, yoga unites your mind, your body and your emotions.  Forward bends are relaxing and calm your nerves.  Backbends are invigorating.  Twists increase flexibility and make you more open-minded.

Wouldn’t that be helpful to you in a leadership position?

In this session, you will learn leadership principles and practice a few yoga poses that will help you perform more effectively and empower the work of others.


Shar McBee is the best-selling author of To Lead is to Serve and Joy of Leadership who has taught leadership worldwide and all over the USA.  She lives in Beverly Hills, California but you may remember her from the three Leadership for Women Conferences that she organized in Easton.

Freya Farley is the Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Evergreen.  Freya is a lifelong yoga practitioner and noted acupuncturist who specializes in Women’s Health and Fertility Treatments.  Restoring balance has been her guiding principle both in leadership and in health.