Past Life Regression Workshop

with Valyra Bacigalupi

Friday February 9, 2018  6 – 7:30pm

Donation $15 – $25

Past Life Regression Workshop presented by Licensed Clinical Therapist, Valyra Bacigalupi, LCSW-C, who was trained and certified by world-renowned leading expert, Brian Weiss, MD, author of Many Lives Many Masters.

Ever wonder why you cannot resolve or understand an issue or problem in your current life?  We carry many of our current lifetime problems with us from past lives.  When the door is unlocked to past lifetime memories we can miraculously heal.  I will lead a group Past Life Regression and help you to unlock that door and have a better understanding of what this life means for you.  A mere connection can bring abundant healing, happiness and love for a fuller, richer life.

Join me on 2/9/18 at 6pm for a 90 minute Workshop, to understand what a Past Life Regression is, what Alpha state hypnosis is, and how the experience is abundantly healing.  After all questions are answered a group regression will take place with plenty of time to ask questions and share, after.  Some will experience great healing, others may need an individual session to help guide them personally to miraculous healing.