Reiki Level I Training

Instructor: Dell St. Ana

Sunday September 22, 2019   10:30AM – 6:30PM

Tuition:  $145

Learn an ancient method of natural, hands-on healing. No experience necessary!

This day-long workshop will provide you with everything you need to become a Reiki practitioner. You will learn the history of Reiki, basic physical and energy anatomy, and the hand positions used to give a complete Reiki treatment to yourself and others. You will also receive the attunements that establish you as a channel for healing. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be given a personalized certificate that verifies your training and qualifies you to practice Reiki.
Please bring a bag lunch.

DELL ST. ANA is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, a T’ai Chi instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher and a Birth Doula. Dell works with adults and children to balance energy and increase wellness and vitality.