Self Help Acupressure for Bereavement

Friday  February 22, 2019   1 – 3pm

Led By: Anna Maria Pyper-Keeney

$10 Members / $20 Non-Members

I have such a true belief in the process of Acupressure and the gift of peace and healing given to each person that experiences the process.  During each treatment a client has the ability to  begin their own process of healing at their own pace. A few reasons that clients come for treatments are for reducing stress, improve energy, relieve pain.gain peace of mind and emotional issues.

Class details:

1.) I am excited to help you experience the benefits of Acupressure which help relax the mind, heart and soul especially when there are times of loss.

2.) Class will begin with a guided process of finding the specific pressure points that will give you the ability to continue self help at home when needed.

3.) After making sure that each person is holding points correctly and using precise pressure then I will give each person a complimentary example of the treatment so you will experience the process completely.