SoulCollage® for Fun and Creativity

Radiant Creativity SoulCollage® by Katherine Johnson

Radiant Creativity SoulCollage® by Katherine Johnson

Instructor: Katherine Johnson

Saturday, October 4

10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Tuition: All Day $60 member/$65 nonmembers (materials included)

Join us as we gather and create collage cards at our lovely waterfront holistic learning center. There will be an overview of the process and then the creation of cards. We’ll break for lunch, then enjoy the afternoon making SoulCollage® cards and learning ways to interpret them. This is a perfect day for those who are either curious about or already enjoy the SoulCollage® process. It is an exciting way to tap intuition and increase creativity…no art experience necessary!

Materials and supplies will be provided. Feel free to bring any images or magazines to use for inspiration.  Please bring a bag lunch.
*Continuing Education hours are available for Massage Therapists (NCBTMB).
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Excerpts from the SoulCollage® webpage:
HOW to SoulCollage®?
Do you have a big pile of images you have saved in the closet or under the bed that you have been waiting to figure out what to do with? Following the simple SoulCollage® directions, your hands move fragments of cut-out magazine pictures around, fitting them together in a surprising new way and gluing them down on a card. Cards containing the images you select — or the images that select you — come straight through your Soul, bypassing the mind.”

“WHO Can SoulCollage®?   Everyone!
This is a multi-leveled, creative process which anyone can do. All you need is a good pair of scissors, pre-cut mat board cards, and images you can cut out from magazines, greeting cards, personal photos, postcards, catalogues, and calendars. You can do this work individually, but it is also wonderful to have other people with whom to share the process. The cards are fun to take to a friend’s house, to work with in therapy or support groups, or to keep on your coffee table.”

SoulCollage® K-Kai by Katherine Johnson

SoulCollage® K-Kai by Katherine Johnson

Dr. Katherine Johnson, PCC is a Certified Life Coach, educator, artist, and a teacher of practices as SoulCollage®, writing, meditation, and Reiki. Katherine holds a Doctorate from University of Maryland and has a twenty-five year career in the field of professional development. Currently, she is an affiliated practitioner at Evergreen, a Center for Balanced Living. In addition she is an artist who creates one-of-a-kind silk designs. Her work is exhibited at the Green Phoenix in Easton, Maryland and at various local events. Katherine’s life journey has integrated the study and practice of traditional professional development with a rich blend of holistic learning. She brings joy and love as she serves.