Friday  November 29, 2019  6 – 7pm

“If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration” -Nikola Tesla

Experience relaxation & sound like never before as Hamilton Guides you through Deep relaxation to withdraw the senses inward to connect with the heart. Allowing yourself to relax & restore on a cellular level, transmitting the highest vibrations of Love & Light with 432Hz Crystal quartz Singing bowls, Native American Flute, Didgeridoo & more.

Deep relaxation is extremely beneficial to release stress physically, mentally & emotional helping to balance your inner peace. Leading into Pranayama (breath control) then a group meditation to close the class.

Friendly reminder to drink water after class as you restore and feel Renewed. Bring a pillow and blanket as you will be immersed in sound, frequencies & vibrations. A Sound bath is a cleanse for the soul, you will feel the positive vibrations from within. You’ll leave feeling lighter on your feet like a new person.

Hamilton is available for group & private sessions. Contact at

Hamilton Arjuna Garces is a New Jersey Native and Marine Veteran with 3 tours, including Afghanistan. After 4 years of service, it wasn’t easy living with PTSD after combat. Seeking the mental & physical benefits of yoga, he took on Teacher training at Integral Yoga Institute Fairlawn, NJ – certifying for more than 200 hours studying Asana & Pranayama by Rev Premajyothi Devi & Rev Jagadesh, including intensive training at Yogavilla in Buckingham, VA. Mentored By Garuda Buss Army Helicopter Pilot Veteran whom was Swami Satchidananda’s personal pilot and good friend. Garuda is a Yogi with over 50 years of experience teaching through the Arts of Integral Yoga & teacher training.

Hamilton is also a Healing Arts Practitioner utilize the Native American Flute, Crystal singing Bowls, Didgeridoo & more. Literally being “bathed” in Sound, frequencies and vibrations while using crystals to help balance the body, mind & spirit. Every cell will vibrate at a higher rate as you feel renewed, recharged & rejuvenated. Releasing tension & stress that no longer serves you.