How to Create Positive Change That Lasts!


Learn techniques from expert leadership and transition coach Thom Huntington that will help you keep your resolutions this year!

January 24, 2018  6 – 7PM

Workshop Leader: Thom Huntington

~ This is a free workshop.  Donations will be accepted at the door. ~

If you made a resolution, congratulations! You recognized and identified something in your life that is off balance so much that it has become a priority to change. If you are like most people, your drive to change gets weaker in short order. After years of unfulfilled intentions,  you might just give up resolutions all together.

However, you CAN make these life altering changes. You just need a new way of approaching it.

Even if you aren’t a natural born leader, this workshop will explore ways you can lead yourself out of being stuck and move more peacefully through emotional or physical pain. Will power or simply deciding to change your attitude doesn’t work. Feeling motivated as an ongoing driving force has a poor track record of success because it  is a based on a temporary feeling. Positive thinking may help but it has many versions some of which can even be harmful!  Learn techniques  to change your outlook and implement a direction that will last longer than your previous new year’s resolutions ever did. Explore the mind body connection,  learn about different ways to stretch your mind and your body, know what being “beside yourself” really means and how it can change everything.

This 60 minute workshop will present real world, rubber meets the road techniques for how to make the move to start heading towards the life you imagined when you made your New Years Resolutions.
Thom Huntington is a building contractor, musician, and Certified Leadership and Transition Coach from Cambridge Maryland.