The Blessings of Our Lives: An Adventure in Discovery

Facilitated by Sarah Sadler and George Merrill.

Classes meet for six consecutive weeks beginning October 12th, from 10:30 am to 12noon

Contribution for 6 week course:  $40

Being full of years, a biblical metaphor of aging, suggests that our years abound with treasures. They’re easily forgotten and sometimes unrecognized in the scramble of daily activities.  Exploring the long trajectory of our lives together in a small group presents exciting opportunities for discovering in our own stories what, at first, may seem old and familiar to us, something new and of great value.

The course is an exercise in deepening our understanding of our own history and the spiritual mysteries that are woven into the common humanity we share.  Our task is to have fun getting to know each other by sharing stories while learning and growing together.

As this is essentially a guided discussion group, it would help the process if interested participants signing up had schedules that allowed them to attend the majority of sessions.

Topics will include: Those with whom we began our journey, the friends, acquaintances who influenced and shaped us, how we now view our work history, chosen vocations, achievements,

the turning points that changed and altered our path, our views of mortality and personal spirituality.

Sarah and George look forward to you joining them on this journey of exploration.

For questions please call: 410-310-9219


George Merrill is an Episcopal priest and psychotherapist. He has served as adjunct faculty at Loyola College in Baltimore in the graduate program in Pastoral. Counseling. For several years, George has lead workshops on aging and spirituality.  He previously directed pastoral counseling services in Hartford, Connecticut, and in Baltimore, MD. George’s essays appear weekly in The Talbot Spy and are broadcast twice monthly on Delmarva Public Radio.

Sarah Sadler is the founder of Evergreen.  She began her journey with a psychotherapy practice in New Orleans, LA.  In 1982 Sarah and her family sailed to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, fell in love, and she and her husband Ken started a consulting firm providing team building for small businesses.  In 1993 she founded Evergreen (then Psyche’s Well). Sarah is still active and still loving Evergreen – She’s back!