Thru Hiker Memories – Part II: YOUR Journey to the Appalachian National Historic Trail

Sunday May 19, 2019  8am – 4:30pm

~ This event is free ~

The second part of “Thru Hiker Memories” becomes your personal journey on the AT!  We will meet at Evergreen at 8am and carpool about 2 hours (can make a pit stop about half way there if need be).  Then it is on to a little past Frederick to get on a section of the AT to hike 2.5 miles to the picturesque rock formation known as Annapolis Rocks (see right pic above)!  The hike starts with a fairly flat half mile with a stop at Pine Knob shelter (see left pic above) then is a moderate climb for the remainder of the first mile and then gently rolling for the second mile as we get to the blue blaze trail that leads us to Annapolis Rocks.  Please remember, this is hike is appropriate for most fitness levels – and you can take your time as we work our way towards the scenic overlook.  There are privies (port-o-potties without the plastic) at both Pine Knob shelter and at the top at Annapolis Rocks.  So please join us, but feel free to “hike your own hike”!

We will spend a couple hours at the “summit” and eat lunch and do some exploring, meditation, or whatever the spirit move you to do.  We will gather for an activity before we hike back down to our vehicles to head back.

PLEASE WEAR:                                                             

Comfortable (wicking – not cotton) clothes to hike in and sturdy hiking/trail boots or shoes

PLEASE BRING (for hike):

2 quart water bottles – CHEERS TO HYDRATION

YOUR LUNCH (yes, your meal for the afternoon – pack extra, you’ll be hungry)

A couple bags of energizing snacks (you know what you need)

A thin fleece layer

A rain/wind layer

A small rock from your property that fits in the palm of your hand

A day pack or backpack with shoulder straps (preferably a hip belt you can secure) to pack everything above in


Trekking/hiking poles



Camera (preferably not your cell phone)


A gallon of water

Comfortable shoes and socks or sandals to drive/ride home in

A change of clothes or at least a pair of sweatpants and hoodie

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