Transforming HeartBreak:

The Dark Mother’s Hidden Wisdom

Led by:  Sandra Burke, Ph.D.696f68831992b8d5d1db9504630d771f

Friday, June 24  5:30 -7:30 pm – Introduction
Saturday, June 25  10:00–5:00 pm – Workshop

Members: Friday & Saturday: $125
Saturday Only: $110
Friday Night Only: $25

Non-Members: Friday & Saturday: $135
Saturday Only: $120
Friday Night Only: $25


In the world of women, we are comfortable with the Maiden’s sweetness and the Mother’s nurturance.

The Dark Feminine Mother—the Crone—has been reduced to “old hag” or “that witch.”  Her gift of seeing clearly—that which is real—is wisdom.

Modern culture may have discarded her, but women know her—intimately. She is the linking of all the threads within, an inner knowing that guides you—to call a friend, to see the hummingbird’s request for food, to end something that no longer serves.  She is honest, fierce love.

During times of suffering she has much wisdom to share.  She cuts past the “everything is wonderful” pretense into the heart of the truth, urging us to face reality.  If we rush past her teachings, we will repeat painful experiences—sometimes for decades.  She transforms heartbreak into renewal.

If we stay with her, she will open our eyes.

If we befriend her, she will guide us to our truest selves.

If we learn how to work with her, we will navigate our lives with careful balance.

This presentation and workshop explores the many facets of The Dark Feminine in history and women’s lives. Personal disclosure is not required.

Lunch: Bring Your Own (plus potluck share if desired)  Morning refreshments, all day beverages and snacks provided.

Registration is due Sunday, June 19
A minimum of 8 participants is required.

Sandra BurkeA Maryland country girl at heart, Dr. Sandra Burke has studied in NY, LA, SF and Zurich. Her keen observation, intuition, and introverted nature have led her to study women’s true natures, while her work has been dedicated to helping women find their loving authority between head and heart. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a M.A. in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names University, and a long history of contemplative practice. She welcomes questions and requests regarding her upcoming workshops: 443-225-6362 or Her website is in development.