Tuition Policy

Evergreen offers two tuition levels for most of our classes.

The basic tuition is the first level listed on this website and in the program catalog. This is the standard tuition for the class and applies to members of the general public who wish to take our classes and workshops.

Members of Evergreen receive a discount on most of our programs. The member tuition rate reflects that discount.

Financial aid is available through our Scholarship Fund. (click here for details)

On the practice of generosity (dana)

In many traditional cultures, teachings have been offered in an open-handed manner. That is, they are offered free of charge, and in a way that makes the teachings equally accessible to all who desire to learn and grow from them. This way of offering teachings is done purely from a place of generosity, with no expectation of reciprocal exchange of any kind. The benefit of making teachings available to all is quite obvious; it is the natural extension of having benefited from them ourselves.

This donation-based system of offering classes asks that participants pay at a level that is appropriate for them. What is appropriate? This is where the practice of generosity can become truly transformative as we are asked to confront our relationships with the concepts of value, generosity, and support.

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