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Ease into Fall – Creating Balance in Times of Transition

The Beatles give us a lesson in “Speaking words of wisdom, Let it be”. . . 

We are in a seasonal time of stillness, of fullness, of holding, and a time of quiet transformation.  The abundance, made apparent hanging on the vines and trees, the heat of the sun, and the heavy air all seem to be asking us to be still, to take this all in.   This time before the brisk change of Fall reminds us to Let it be.  Some of us are holding on to the past, wishing the exuberance and heat of summer wouldn’t leave so soon, and others are pushing forward into the the cool dryness of Autumn.  But now is the time of acceptance for what is – right here and now – Let it be.

This time of stillness may feel stagnant for some – frustrating, heavy, and difficult.  The natural flow of things has taken a pause and we are left to sit with all of our accumulated choices. – Let it be. Others may feel put at ease by this respite being offered, deficiencies filled by the lush damp air. But there is often an anxious sense here that it will not last forever. – Let it be.

“Whisper words of wisdom, Let it be.”

Transitional times can be hard, and often leave us open to outside influences – good and bad.  It is important to take steps to help balance the body, mind, and spirit and give a sense of ease to the transition in order to stay healthy throughout the coming seasons.

5 Steps to help balance during times of transition:

1.  Make movement a daily habit.  Movement helps keep the body, mind, and spirit flexible and oxygenates our blood to remove stagnation and patterns of holding.

2. Go to bed early & wake early. Let your body be in rhythm with the cycles of the earth, sun, and moon. This practice will energize and bring joy.

3. Nourish.  Eat regular meals according to your body type/constitution.  In general, opposites work to help balance.  For instance, if you are feeling heavy and lethargic, eat light, dry, warming/moving foods.  If you are feeling deficient, dry, and anxious, eat more unctuous, substantial, and naturally sweet foods.
(For more information on this consider joining our Yoga: A Path of Self Healing class, and Robert Messick’s Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse Workshop.)

4. Hydrate.  Drinking plenty of clean water helps the body flush built up toxins and restore the proper pH.  It gives structure and life to every cell in the body.  It keeps us fluid and able to adapt more easily.

5. Protect.  During transitional times (seasonally or in other cycles of life) the body is more susceptible to outside influences.  This affects the health of our bodies, the integrity of our immune systems, and the balance of our emotional state.  Protection can come in many forms.  It is a reflection of our boundaries in the world, and of our personal integrity.  Do not open yourself to extremes – If it is cold and windy, wear warm clothes and cover the back of the neck.  If it is hot and humid, do not exert so much energy – there is enough heat, no need to create more.  A calming Ayurvedic practice to help protect is to oil the bottoms of the feet, and inside the ears with sesame oil.

Listen to the wisdom of the body and be true to yourself, to your inner nature.

This week’s contributor:

Freya Farley NEWFreya Farley, M.Ac., L.Ac. is a practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Evergreen’s Wellness Center. Through these modalities Freya helps facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and move back towards a state of balance and relaxation. Freya’s practice at Evergreen specializes in Women’s Health and Fertility treatments.  She encourages her clients to take an active role in their own health and well-being and offers support and lifestyle coaching that is unique to each persons specific needs.