Yoga Therapy



If you are new to yoga, welcome.  Yoga can change you life.  If you are currently practicing yoga but want to learn more, you probably already know something of yoga’s life-changing potential.  If you are sick, it can help you feel better.  If you are depressed or anxious, tired all the time, or bothered by low back pain, yoga can set you on the path to recovery.  For those with chronic health issues like arthritis or diabetes, regular yoga practice can help you live better and, in all likelihood, longer.  And for people suffering temporary symptoms – such as tension headaches, hot flashes, or sinus pressure – specific yoga postures, breathing techniques, and other practices can bring relief.

Therapeutic Yoga tends to be gentle and nurturing, though it can be challenging.  It places a focus on bodily awareness and postural alignment, with movements tied to relaxed, rhythmic breathing.  Students are taught to tune in to subtle sensations of their muscles and joints, as well as the inner experience of the mind, with an emphasis on relaxation.

In Therapeutic Yoga the approach is one-to-one, hands-on, and tailored to the individual,  based on needs, abilities, and responses, as well as observations by the teacher of any contraindications.  Props such as blankets, bolsters, and straps may be employed to make the postures more comfortable and safer, or the postures may be modified to suit the situation.  Once  comfortable with the practices, students are encouraged to develop a home practice, which appears to be critical to the effectiveness of the intervention.*

S.D. Swan, LMT


S.D. Swan offers private Yoga Therapy sessions and is a practitioner and instructor  at Evergreen and can be reached at 410-819-3395 ext. 105 to make an appointment.  Community Yoga Therapy is offered 3rd Wednesdays of the month.




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