Y  O  G  A    I S   F O R    Y  O  U


Yoga is a systematic technology to improve the body, understand the mind, and free the spirit.  With the practice, you are strengthening and calming the nervous system.  You are increasing the blood flow to internal organs and bringing more oxygen to your cells.  You are clearing the mental clutter, allowing yourself to see things more clearly.  You are cultivating spiritual habits in a way that can make you happier, less anxious, more at peace.

Yoga is a powerful, comprehensive, system for overall health, well-being, and prevention that can reduce stress, increase flexibility. improve balance, promote strength, heighten cardiovascular conditioning, lower blood pressure, reduce overweight, strengthen bones, prevent injuries, lift mood, improve immune function, increase the oxygen supply to the tissues, foster psychological equanimity, and promote spiritual well-being . . . and that’s only a partial list.  Yoga offers a number of tools that can help overcome one of the chief factors undermining health and well-being:  an out-of-balance stress-response system.  Since stress is a factor in a host of medical conditions – from heart disease to infertility – yoga’s role in stress reduction helps explain why it is useful in so many situations.

Yoga is about optimizing the function of every system of the body from the muscles to digestion, circulation and immunity.  It is about emotional well-being, spiritual resilience and buoyancy, even joy.  Yoga envisions a web of causation that is much more complex than you might consider.  In yoga, you do your spiritual work and it affects your body.  You stretch and strengthen your muscles and that affects your circulation, digestion, and breathing.  You calm and strengthen the nervous system and it affects the mind.  You cultivate peace of mind and it affects the nervous system, the immune system, and the cardiovascular system.  Yoga says that if you look clearly you will see that everything about you is connected to everything else.

Yoga offers a way to implement the changes you want to make in your life.  Changing dysfunctional habits is largely a matter of the mind.  Yoga can make the critical difference in your health and well-being by giving you greater control of your mind. This, perhaps more than anything, is what leads to life transformation.  The brain is plastic, meaning it is capable of change.  When you perform a new action, brain cells called neurons form new connections and the more frequently you do it, the stronger these neural links become.

Yoga is not a panacea; however it is powerful medicine for body, mind, and spirit.  Above all, yoga is a path.  Unlike many other approaches to healing, which often gradually diminish in effectiveness, yoga builds on itself, becoming more effective over time.  The longer you stay with it and the more heart you put into the journey, the further it can take you.

(Reference, Timothy McCall, MD)